Outlook PST File Repair

There are some other factors as well which aggravate the situation and add to the corruption:

  • Virus attack: The antivirus program running on the system may conflict with the MS Outlook functioning.
  • Sudden system shutdown: Sudden system shut down while MS outlook is running on the system.
  • Hard drive failure: Sometimes system hard disk gets crashed and it may cause corruption in MS Outlook.
  • Improper cancellation MS Outlook: Neglect to proper cancellation of the email client may lead data corruption.

What to do when stuck with corruption in MS Outlook?

Being a regular Outlook user, if you have a knack of handling MS Outlook, you can take help of the inbuilt repair functionality, known as SCANPST.EXE or Inbox Repair tool.
This can ease out the situation only when the files are not severely corrupted, as Inbox Repair tool can only fix minor flaws. Badly damaged PST files can lead to permanent loss of crucial mailbox data. For a fully-fledged error rectification, you need to employ a powerful and advanced third-party PST Repair software tool.

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Salient features of Outlook PST File Repair Tool:

The users can explore other advanced features of this Outlook PST File Recovery Tool:

Effective and quick recovery: Fast and effective recovery of corrupt PST files of variable size and formats ANSI and Unicode.
Encrypted PST file recovery: Recover all kinds of compressed and encrypted PST Files.
Three modes for PST file recovery:

Manage Alignment errors in PST files: This function is helpful if a PST file is recovered after media corruption and poses header position related corruption.
Save recovered data into various formats: All the recovered PST files can be saved in various formats of EML and DBX of MS Outlook express and MSG and PST MS Outlook.
Auto-detect feature: This Recovery tool can detect information related to PST file version and the encryption on it.
Recovery of Non-English characters: Efficient recovery of Miscellaneous characters from corrupt PST files supporting ANSI PST format.
Supportability and compatibility:
1. Supports all versions of MS Outlook 97, 2000, 2002 to higher variant 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.
2. Compatible with Windows 98, NT, 2000, 2003, XP and other higher operating system Vista, 2008, Win 7, Win 8 and Win 10.

Updated version of PST File Repair software incorporates following add-ons:

PST Repair Screenshot

Animated Demo of PST Recovery Tool

The Animated Demo of PST Recovery tool is given below. You can watch it online for better user-understanding.

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What is MS Outlook?

As it is difficult to differentiate between various versions of Outlook on the basis of size limitation criteria you can find answers to your doubts by reading more about the basics of MS Outlook with brief focus on classification on types of PST file.

ms outlook Electronic mail as the name suggest is a digital communication medium for instant massage exchange. MS Outlook is widely used email client developed by Microsoft that is a must for all the important email communication by the professionals at the corporate work place.
MS Outlook is one of the widely used email client that is intuitive for novice and handy for experts. It is basically used as the email application enhanced with bonus features of task manager, contact manager, note taking, journal and web browsing.

Let’s learn more about the data file associated with MS Outlook.

Outlook PST file (Portable storage Table) acts as the database files of the MS Outlook storing all the email messages and other mail box items, on the hard disk drive. But this file is limited by size.
Two Types of data files in PST.
  • ANSI
  • Unicode

There are two versions of MS outlook:
Older & Newer
ANSI is used in older version of MS Outlook with a size limit of 2GB.
Unicode is used in newer version with no size limitation. It can manage your email account easily up to 20 GB. Size limitation exceeds by another 50 GB in higher version of MS Outlook.
MS Outlook used as a desktop client offers many features for sorting and managing email. The email is functional with an address book, task list, calendar, notebook, web browser and many more. The Outlook calendar can be shared online with multiple users .The user can search email messages, dates, and contact with search function, available in MS Outlook. One of the function helps to effectively synchronize email into calendar or contact list. Multitasking of sending email and text message simultaneously while taking notes in OneNote. MS Outlook is more secure for keeping spam and phishing away and notifies with email-scanner. The users can easily sync the MS Outlook with the mobile to access the email messages.
MS Outlook is a popular email client that is widely used globally for instant email message communication. The users are not able to work smoothly when the outlook files become corrupt or damaged.

Outlook PST Files Corruption Causes and Repair PST Files

Consistent work on Outlook can cause various issues of Outlook PST file management you can find here details on major causes of PST File corruption and subsequent error messages that can pop up to indicate possible corruption in MS Outlook PST Files.

PST File common corruption causes
Why does MS Outlook stop functioning while accessing email messages? Have you ever heard about MS Outlook malfunction due to corruption?
Yes, you heard it right it’s corruption.
Do you know about the file compatibility issues?
The user can not open ANSI PST files in newer versions and Unicode PST File in the older versions of MS Outlook.
The user become unaware with the two basic limitation i.e oversize PST and file compatibility issues resulting in corruption and overall improper functioning of MS Outlook.
Are you sure these two factors affect the MS Outlook performance?
There are other reasons which might corrupt the PST File:
  • Virus attack
  • Improper system shutdown
  • Power failure
  • Sudden termination of Outlook
  • Hard disk Bugs

Error messages pop up that warns of the possible corruption in MS Outlook PST Files.
  • “The outlook PST file cannot be opened”.
  • “PST has reached the maximum size”.
  • “PST File has become corrupt or locked”.
  • “Outlook cannot find your PST file”.

Repair PST Files
How to cope with the corrupt PST File?
Go for Inbuilt Inbox repair tool for effective Outlook PST recovery.
SCANPST.EXE is easy to use repair functionality tool available in MS Outlook that can fix PST.
Steps to Fix Corrupt PST File.
  • Exit Outlook to start using this tool
  • Go to the location where SCANPST.EXE.
  • Double – Click EXE.
  • MS outlook Inbox repair tool will appear
  • Browse corrupt PST File from the directory.
  • Select the File and Start Scanning.
  • EXE will start scanning the corrupt file.
  • By default,” Make back up of scanned file before repairing” is checked.
  • Click the button, ‘Repair’.
  • A message will pop up, ‘Repair Complete’

Sometimes this manual repair tool remains ineffective to fix PST, reporting no error in the file .But still the user is not able to work smoothly on MS Outlook. Apart from this the email messages that are accidentally deleted are not restored by Inbox repair tool.
Third party PST Recovery Tool
There is various data recovery software that claims to restore corrupt PST Files. The Demo and trial version of these software is available that can be used for evaluation purpose. The trial version software functions equal to the full software and is effective in recovering the PST File showing preview of the recovered data. This recovery software is safe and intuitive for novice without ant technical knowledge.
PST File Repair software from SysInfoTools is reliable email recovery software that effectively repairs the corrupt PST file. - Free downloads for Windows.
Key features:
  • Safe and easy-to-use
  • Intuitive
  • Compatible with all Operating System
  • Restores corrupt PST file of any version of MS Outlook

Inbox Repair Tool (SCANPST.exe) and Software Features

Know more about this inbox repair tool to deal with corrupt and broken Outlook PST. Read more about the detail steps that help you to locate this built-in tool with subsequent given manual process. PST files Repair noteworthy software features are also provided for evaluation purpose.

How can we repair PST using SCANPST.EXE?

ms outlook

MS Outlook provides a built-in repair tool SCANPST.EXE which is used to repair Outlook PST file. User can use Inbox Repair tool of MS Outlook. This exe file is installed at the time of MS Office suite or MS Outlook installation and can be located as per the version of MS Outlook.

Where do we locate SCANPST.EXE in various earlier and later versions of MS Outlook?

  • For MS Outlook version 97/98: you can locate SCANPST.EXE at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Windows Messaging\scanpst.exe?
  • For MS Outlook 2000: C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MAPI NT\scanpst.exe
  • In MS Outlook 2002/XP: C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MAPI scanpst.exe
  • In MS Outlook 2003: C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI
  • For MS Outlook 2007: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12
  • In MS Outlook 2010: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14
  • In MS Outlook 2013: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15
How can we repair impaired Outlook PST by using SCANPST.EXE? You can locate SCANPST.EXE following the above path in the system directory and make sure MS Outlook is not running on the system when you Repair Corrupt PST.
  • Double click SCANPST.EXE
  • MS Outlook inbox repair tool window will pop up
  • With Browse option you can select corrupt PST file
  • Chosen PST file will be displayed in the edit box.
  • You can now click start to scan the PST file. Wait till the scanning process is completely finished.
  • After the finish of scanning process all the errors will be shown.
  • Click Repair option to repair the scanned PST file.
  • Is Inbox repair process is sufficient to completely repair corrupt PST file?
It depends on corruption level of PST file. Sometime Inbox repair process does not show corruption errors or the process proves futile in case the file is severely damaged.
Can we opt for a third-party tool namely Outlook PST Repair software to fix corrupt Outlook PST?
The PST Repair software is an ultimate proven tool devised specially to fix corruption issues in Outlook PST file and restore both deleted as well as damaged emails of Outlook email client.

Can this software work for encrypted PST file and will it recover Non-English characters?

This is a one of the typical question that can ascertain the robust performance of this software. The software uses advanced algorithm to recover encrypted PST files. With this utility, you can smartly restore PST file encrypted with various modes like compressible encryption, high encryption and no encryption. PST File Repair tool detects the encryption type of selected PST file prior to scanning process. It supports recovery of Non-English characters from corrupt PST files. Software feature check box with the name supports Non-English characters, which should be checked if a user wants to recover Non-English characters from the selected PST file. This option is beneficial for recovering data from ANSI PST file.

In case users want to know the information of corrupt PST file, it can be done with another feature of this restoration tool. Auto-detect feature displays PST file version and the encryption details. Depending upon the specific requirements of the user, this feature can be disabled by unchecking the box. The software is equipped with functions like it has 3 different recovery modes for overall accurate restoration of corrupt PST file. When there are minor corruption issues, it is resolved and fixed in just no time by Standard Mode of recovery. Now if the corruption level is high and standard mode fails to perform recovery, we have Advanced Mode which is helpful to fix major corruption issues while recovering maximum possible data. In addition, Deep Mode becomes active when both standard and advanced modes fail to recover corrupt PST file.

How can this software resolve alignment errors in MS Outlook data file?

PST File Repair software focuses on alignment errors with this unique feature. Software is equipped with all three recovery modes comprising of Standard, Advanced and Deep Mode. This feature is quite effective and helpful when a PST file is restored after media corruption and poses header alignment related vulnerabilities leading to corruption glitches. User can get more information with screenshots and online demo provided on the website. A demo copy is provided for the users to further evaluate the features and functionalities of this utility. This demo version come with one limitation as you cannot save the recovered data.

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